No matter what products you sell or how big your business is you can extend your reach and increase your visibility by offering your products online.

If you’re ready for e-commerce, let Fresh Creative build a site that offers your customers a fast, easy and safe way to buy your products online.
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Deliver a Positive Shopping Experience

With 2.5 million online retailers in the U.S. and e-commerce sales accounting for more than 14 percent of retail sales, businesses of all sizes are moving into the world of online sales.

If you’re ready to launch your e-commerce site, the Fresh Creative team will take time to understand your company, your products and your goals. We’ll build a site to generate brand awareness and drive traffic, incorporating the elements necessary for a successful e-commerce site, including:

Mobile Responsive

Since a majority of smartphone users say they’ve made purchases using their phones, we’ll make sure purchasing is easy – and your site is attractive and fast-loading on mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets alike.

Optimized design

A majority of shoppers – 90 percent, according to Google – will abandon a site that takes more than 5 seconds to load. Not only will we ensure that your site loads fast, but we’ll also optimize it for search (SEO) to ensure that customers will see your site when they’re looking for the products you sell.


A safe and secure checkout experience

A data breach can take a major toll on your business and your brand. We’ll build a safe and secure e-commerce site to ensure a safe shopping environment.

There are dozens of other considerations in building a successful e-commerce site, including the platform and host of features such as search, shopping carts, review collection and payment options.

Fresh Creative will make sure your e-commerce offers your customers a positive shopping experience from homepage to checkout.

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E-Commerce Web Design Services

We’ll help you develop a shipping strategy that works best for your site, your products and your customers, including tools for calculating costs and forms that ensure a positive customer experience.
Sales Tax Automation
Make your check-out process easy and accurate with built-in sales tax automation customized for geographic regions and product type.
Seamless Credit Card Processing

We make sure money moves from your customers’ accounts to yours, quickly, conveniently and safely.

PCI Compliance

Regular reviews of your site’s payment system ensure that it meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.