QR Codes

More Than Meets The Eye

QR codes – those black-and-white squares that are popping up everywhere — aren’t new, but they’re rapidly gaining popularity as a quick and easy way to connect customers with your brand. They’re more than a quick link to a website; they can be used to build customer relationships and measure response to marketing campaigns.
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Measurable, Actionable QR Codes

Although they’ve been around since the 1990s, QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in marketing today, partly because they are easily readable by smartphones. You’ll find them on packaging, in print ads, and even on TV.
Just point your smartphone camera at the black-and-white square and you’ll be directed to more information on the product or service that interests you.

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Beyond advertising, you can use a QR code, which is short for “Quick Response” code, on a business card to load contact information onto a phone instead of manually entering the information. Restaurants are using the codes to direct diners to their menu, eliminating the costly need to reprint paper menus each time an item changes. They’re also becoming more widely used as a form of contactless payment.

Beyond providing customers with a fast, paperless means of accessing information about your brand, QR codes offer countless advantages for marketers. You can track the scanning analytics, to measure campaign performance and retarget and remarket to your audience.

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QR Code Analytics

Our advanced analytics reporting gives you advanced insights into how your campaign is performing, including the specific location and time of day your QR code was scanned.


Leverage the data from your QR code campaign to retarget potential customers on other platforms, including Google ads and social media.