Marketing Strategy


Does your company have a marketing strategy? If not, the money you spend on advertising, website development and other tactics may be going to waste.

Your marketing strategy is your comprehensive plan for achieving your marketing goals and objectives. It maps out your target audience, positioning, value proposition and the tactics and channels you’ll use to reach and engage customers. It ensures that all activities align with your overall business objectives.

About Fresh Creative

Effective Marketing Requires a Sound Strategy

Whether yours is a B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) company, a marketing strategy is a must-have for driving your marketing activities. At Fresh Creative, we help clients maximize their marketing efforts by ensuring every tactic is linked to their marketing strategy.

A well-developed marketing strategy will help you define:

Clear and measurable objectives. What are you trying to achieve? Increased brand awareness? More sales? Your strategy provides direction and purpose to your advertising efforts. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics for success provide a framework for measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and assessing return on investment (ROI).

Target audience. To ensure your ad dollars aren’t being spent trying to woo the wrong audience, your marketing strategy should not only identify who your target audience is, but also their needs and behaviors.

Consistency across marketing channels. Consistent branding and messaging are critical for strengthening your brand and building trust among consumers

Competitive advantage. Your marketing strategy involves analyzing the market and competition and helps you distinguish your business from your competitors. It helps you identify your brand’s strengths, which are important when crafting advertising messaging.

Before you spend another dollar on an ad or other marketing tactic, make sure it aligns with your marketing strategy. Otherwise, you may come up short on results.

If you need help developing a marketing strategy and tactics linked to your plan’s objectives, Fresh Creative can help. Contact us to learn more.