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Venturing into the Digital Asset Space

Although cryptocurrency has been around for 25 years, many people possess little more than a beginner’s knowledge of Bitcoin and similar currencies. As a result, there is a true need for financial advisors who are well versed in cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin experts, CryptoHedge LLC provides clients with a knowledgeable team and trusted guidance for gaining exposure to the digital asset space through Bitcoin. They asked Fresh Creative to introduce their services to those looking to learn about and invest in the digital currency space.

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Before all else, the Fresh team worked with CryptoHedge to develop a brand identity, including a logo and visual branding guidelines. The goal was create a clean, high-tech look that would easily translate to multiple platforms and put the firm’s expertise in Bitcoin front and center. With the brand visuals in place, Fresh Creative designed an easy-to-navigate website that introduces the firm, its services and team and provides an overview of the Bitcoin market. The site’s homepage features real-time market statistics for Bitcoin.
Simply creating a website is never enough to ensure any business will be found on the web. To help CryptoHedge rank in search and introduce its services to cryptocurrency investments, Fresh Creative developed an SEO and SEM strategy following the site launch.
Advertising Excellence Award
Advertising Excellence Award