Data Forms & Collection

Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities

Poorly designed web forms are a major drawback for any company. If a form is cumbersome or confusing, customers are unlikely to fill it out. If it’s not secure, or your customers are concerned about security, they won’t complete it. That means lost sales and missed opportunities.

Whether you’re selling tickets to an event or asking website visitors to sign up for your newsletter, a well-designed form is important. Find out how Fresh Creative builds user friendliness and customer confidence into every form.

Data Forms and Collection

Forms Designed with Customer Experience in Mind

Forms provide a perfect means of getting to know your customers and collecting information from people who already have expressed an interest in your company by visiting your website.

But while easy-to-use forms offer a simple means of connecting with customers, a poorly designed form can turn them away from your company, possibly forever if they feel their personal data may be compromised.

Data Collection Form Development

At Fresh Creative, we design every form — whether it’s a survey, a sign-up form or a feedback form — so it’s simple to understand, easy to complete and provides a safe online experience. For e-commerce and ticketing, we employ bank/military grade encryption to ensure transactions are secure. And we design forms to function flawlessly on mobile, desktop and tablet.

A well-designed web form is a great way to build your customer base and help increase conversions. A poorly designed web form, on the other hand, is sure to send customers elsewhere to find the products or services you sell.

Whether you’re collecting information through sign-up forms or selling tickets to an upcoming event, contact Fresh Creative to make sure your form delivers a top-notch user experience that will help drive sales for your company.

Endless Form Possibilities


Automating forms makes information submission fast and easy for your customers and ensures you collect the data that is most useful to your company.

Reliable SMTP Delivery

Reliable Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) makes sure emails sent from your site don’t get lost in cyberspace.