The Fresh Approach


Sometimes the unexpected is a good thing. Gifts, a phone call from an old friend or finding money in your coat pocket, for example. But when you’ve invested in a new website or a marketing project, you don’t want any surprises. At Fresh Creative, we take time to understand your expectations and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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The Fresh Approach

Your Success Is Our Success

When your visibility dramatically increases after we’ve redesigned your website, that makes us feel successful. When your PPC or direct mail campaign exceeds industry standards and results in the highest-ever attendance at your event, we’re celebrating too!

That’s because we consider ourselves part of your team and take time to build a relationship that works for all. Here’s how:

Our Approach

  • Before your project even launches, we learn as much as we can about your company and the industry you serve. We use that knowledge to develop communications that inspire audiences to engage with your brand.
  • We spend time getting to know your team and determining how we can work together most effectively.
  • We employ a simple online platform to gather your feedback and milestone approvals throughout the process.
  • If something isn’t working, we’ll find a way to fix it.

It’s an approach that keeps you informed and comfortable at each milestone – and makes outcomes successful.

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