Email Marketing

Increase your Marketing ROI with Email

There are dozens of ways to communicate with customers, but email continues to dominate. It’s cost-effective, too, generating somewhere between $36 and $42 for each $1 spent. But as with every marketing tactic, developing successful email campaigns requires an understanding of industry metrics and best practices coupled with compelling messaging and inspiring design.

At Fresh Creative, we take time to understand your customers and your brand to craft an email marketing strategy that will motivate your customers to take action — and generate more sales for your brand. Contact us to learn more.

Email Marketing

A Cost-effective, Tried-and-True Tactic

When it comes to digital communication, email reigns as the time-honored favorite. That makes sense, given the return on investment (an estimated $36-$42 per $1).

There are other advantages too, such as reaching the people you want to reach, when you want to reach them. And, of course, driving more traffic to your website or your social media pages.

But creating an effective email campaign is not just a matter of writing a message and sending it to the people on your email list.

From the subject line to the call to action, every element of a marketing email needs to be designed to not only grab attention, but inspire action. The design must be eye-catching and mobile responsive. And both copy and graphics should have the look and feel of the other pieces in your marketing mix.

A well-executed email campaign will not only results in a high number of opens and a high click-through rate, but can generate revenue, especially when used to promote sales and special offers.

Regular use of email is a great way to build awareness for your brand, collect data about your customers and possibly grow your customer base when people share your emails with others.

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, small or large, Fresh Creative can develop an email marketing strategy and email campaigns your customers will respond to. Find out how.

Email Services

Transactional Emails

Increase customer satisfaction by keeping buyers informed about every step of the purchase process, from order to delivery to after-sale surveys.


Take your campaigns to the next level with automation that keeps you in touch with customers throughout their journey.

List Management

We make sure your lists are up to date, scrubbed, targeted and segmented for fewer bounces and better reach.


From the subject line to the call to action, content is the most important component of a successful email campaign. Get more clicks with copy that inspires and on-brand graphics that grab attention.