Traditional Media

There’s High Value in Traditional Tactics

It may be a digital world, but there’s a lot of value in traditional media. Print, out-of-home, radio, TV and direct mail are tried and true tactics that consumers trust and remember. They offer unique opportunities to reach your audience, especially in a local market.

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Traditional Media

Maximize the Advantages of Traditional Media

The proliferation of digital marketing doesn’t mean that traditional tactics have become the dinosaurs of the marketing world. Far from it. There’s still a place for print, outdoor, broadcast and other forms of traditional marketing. What’s most important is that they are executed to work with your digital tactics for a consistently meaningful customer experience.

There are some ways that traditional marketing tactics hold an advantage over digital, including:

It’s Considered More Trustworthy Than Digital

Older people in particular are often hesitant to click on digital ads given the proliferation of scams, especially in emails and text messages. Psychologically, traditional advertising conveys that a business is established.

It Leaves a Longer-lasting Impression

With both digital and print ads, a consumer generally needs to see the ad a minimum of three times before they recognize it. But with direct mail, brochures, catalogs and other print marketing, the piece can be set aside and referred to at the viewer’s convenience – and it can be easily shared with other household members.

It’s Easier to Process

Digital ads generally appear alongside other digital ads, which can lead to visual overload, especially when the ads are animated. People can more easily absorb a greater amount of information in print. Traditional tactics in general have higher brand recall than digital.

It Connects Better with Local Audiences

Today’s consumers of every generation (but especially Boomers) trust local businesses over ecommerce companies and national chains. That gives print advertising, radio and TV spots, direct mail and out-of-home an edge in reaching members of a community.

Of course, there are disadvantages to traditional media as well. For instance, it’s less flexible – if there’s an error in your digital ad, you can fix it and start serving the correct ad immediately. Correcting errors in traditional materials can be a nightmare (and expensive).

Ideally, your media mix will include both traditional and digital. They can be designed to complement each other. For example, you can include a QR code in virtually any form of visual media, even TV spots, to drive customers to your website. Add a hashtag to encourage visits to your social media.

No matter which medium you use to communicate your message, it’s critical that that each piece is brand consistent and that they all work together to deliver a positive customer experience on every platform.

With years of experience creating successful digital and traditional campaigns, Fresh Creative can develop a media mix that helps achieve your brands marketing goals. Ask us how.

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