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New Site Puts German-made Lighting in the Spotlight for North American Shoppers

More than 30 years ago, Lupine Lighting Systems introduced a halogen lamp that could be mounted on a bicycle’s handlebars. In the years to follow, the German company began manufacturing LED bike and helmet lights, flashlights and headlamps and became a leader in lighting for nighttime sports, photography and adventure.

Outdoor enthusiasts in North America soon created a new market for the company. Lupine North America launched with an e-commerce website. But, over time, it no longer met the company’s needs. Fresh Creative jumped in to help.

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Lupine website
The original Lupine North America site was built on a proprietary platform that only the site’s developers could update and slowed the company’s ability to make even simple updates. In addition, the site wasn’t SEO friendly, so it wasn’t ranking in organic search despite the incredible range of products the company sells.

The content-rich site faced another issue: Not all text could be directly translated from German to English without altering or clouding the meaning. That, too, affected the site’s Google ranking, as well as customers’ ability to fully understand product attributes.

Fresh Creative’s first step was to migrate the Lupine North America site – including 300 product pages — to WordPress, a platform that allows users at Lupine to easily make simple real-time updates without the need for web development expertise. The Fresh development team automated the shipping process as well, making product purchases faster and seamless.

The content was updated to offer clear information and technical details in English for the German-made products. Videos and photos enhance product descriptions. The end result: an easy-to-navigate e-commerce site that creates a positive shopping experience for anyone shopping for high-quality lighting and accessories for outdoor adventure.

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Advertising Excellence Award
Advertising Excellence Award