Leave the Number-crunching to Us

Want to know how many people visited your website in the last week?
24 hours? Five minutes? What pages did they visit and how long did they visit?

Google Analytics offers a vast array of data to help you understand how your site is performing and things you can do to improve. Let Fresh Creative assess your site’s performance and develop strategies for driving more revenue-generating traffic.


Understanding Google’s Data

Google Analytics (GA) is an important tool for understanding how your website is performing. It lets you see who’s visiting your site, what pages they visit and how long they stay. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

GA also integrates with Google’s marketing and advertising platforms and products (including Google Ads, Search Console and Looker Studio) to help create a comprehensive picture of how advertising is impacting site traffic. This is useful for adjusting current online campaigns and planning for future marketing campaigns.

If you like crunching numbers and poring through data, you’ll find a lot to analyze and, ideally, act on in every GA report.
But, if you’re not that into statistics a better option is to let the web experts at Fresh Creative take the deep dive into your website’s performance. We’ll make sure your website has Google Analytics4 (GA4), the latest analytics product, installed and optimized for the data you want and need.

We’ll measure your site’s performance, establish benchmark KPIs, and provide recommendations to improve your site to meet your goals.

  Analytics Services

Custom Reporting

When it’s time to analyze the performance of your campaigns, don’t just deliver superficial data. Our custom reporting provides a deep dive into your website’s performance and offers a detailed look at your KPIs. And we’ll help you understand what all the data really means.

Heat Mapping

Using heat mapping technology, we can create picture of how visitors are interacting with your website, including where they scroll, hover and click. Heat mapping offers a unique way of understanding which parts of your site visitors are interacting with the most and allows us to adjust your site to focus user attention on features that make your site more successful.

Website Traffic Audits

Our website audit is an important first step in improving your site. It identifies key actionable areas where we can improve performance and quality to help you achieve higher search engine rankings and provide a better user experience for your visitors.