How a Great Image Can Spark Interest

July 26, 2018

In one minute, there are 174,000 people scrolling through Instagram; 993,000 people logging into Facebook; and 2.4 million Google searches. While estimates vary, it’s likely many consumers see hundreds, and possibly thousands, of ads per day. Now more than ever, a well-crafted image on a website or social media can mean the difference between capturing a customer’s eye or getting lost in the deluge. Learn how these three photography principles can increase customer interest online and offline.

Principle One: The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds creates balance and interest, harnessing a customer’s attention and directing his eye. It’s created by breaking images up into thirds both horizontally and vertically. The most compelling parts of the image are then positioned around these lines, with the ideal alignment changing slightly depending on whether the focal point is people, landscapes, static objects, etc. Typically, however, photographers position the point of interest over an intersection of a vertical and horizontal line. It’s a small trick, but one that is automatically pleasing to the viewer. Learn more about the rule of thirds here.

Photography's Rule of Thirds

Principle Two: Simplify the Scene

Too often, the focal point of an image gets lost in a distracting background. Simplifying the scene means photographers remove distractions from the focal point by deciding to crop tighter, reorganizing or eliminating certain objects, adding items to benefit the focal item, or even having models within the image change poses. This photo for Armstrong Residential Ceilings was simplified by eliminating all of the items on the desk and increasing focus with the lights, which create a reflection that draws the viewer’s eyes upward to the beautiful ceiling.

Simplifying the Scene in Photography

Principle Three: Change the Image Viewpoint

There’s no one-size-fits-all angle for photography. Amateur photographers rely on predictable viewpoints and tired angles. But an experienced professional photographer understands when and how to reposition in order to create an outside-of-the-typical-viewpoint image. For this photo, we could have chosen a straight-on angle of the sign that filled the frame. Instead, our photographer shot from below to create interest. Not only did this viewpoint capture the intricate metalworking around the sign, but it gave viewers a taste of how you would see the sign as you walk down the street.

Photography Viewpoint

Photography seems to be easy these days with high-quality smartphones in the palm of everyone’s hands. Capturing an image that stands out and sparks interest often takes a professional photographer, but with these simple tips you can play the role by incorporating the rule of thirds, simplifying a scene and choosing the best viewpoint for a more dynamic photo. Have more questions about how to best use photography to improve your business’s social media, website and print items? Contact us here.


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