When To Choose Professional Photography For Your Business

July 21, 2017

Stock photography is the junk food of the image world. It offers short-term budget pleasure and bursts of energy, but a steady diet of it slowly erodes the appearance of your business. While the choice between professional photography and stock may not always be cut-and-dried, here are three times your business must invest in professional photography.

Choose professional photography when an image represents an employee or team member.

Stock photography doesn’t have a place on the team page of your website, a direct mail advertising campaign, or any images meant to embody your business. Too many companies miss the opportunity presented by the “Contact Us” and “Team” page. Whether providing a headshot of the customer service representative who will pick up the listed phone number or showcasing your fun-loving group of employees, a professional photo will always resonate more deeply than a generic image of a woman at a call center.

When showcasing your business’s products or services.

The budget-friendly nature of stock photography often tempts businesses to forego a photo shoot for a vague representation of what your business provides. While stock excels in the background of websites and marketing materials, a photo meant to showcase what your business does or offers should be true to life. Close-up silhouettes and in-use images of products can make a huge difference in customer perception of your business. As an added bonus, you have the power to position your logo centrally and help customers more easily envision what it would be like to use your product or service.

When you need behind-the-scenes photos.

If your photo is merely a placeholder, what value does that offer your customer? Instead of an over-used picture of a random conference room or people in a meeting, considering sharing real-life shots of your own business and team. Remember, Google’s ranking algorithm focuses on the overall user experience, which means the inclusion of relevant, useful photos may improve your overall page rank. Additionally, authentic behind-the-scenes photography can be a great resource for social media.

Stock photography can be a wonderful tool for background photos on your website, cityscape shots and even your blog. However, the photos that represent the core of your business should always receive the personal touch of a photographer. Consider investing in the long-term ROI of a professional photographer. Get started at freshcreativeinc.com/contact.


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