Why Video Is Indispensable To Social Media Strategy

June 20, 2017

By 2019, nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every second. Video isn’t going away; it’s growing exponentially. Here are three reasons it appeals to your customers, and why it’s indispensable to your social media strategy.

1. It captures attention.

Video jumps from the social media news feed, stopping a person in his or her tracks. The autoplay feature utilized by Facebook and Instagram greatly assists with this, particularly when content is created to captivate without sound. On Twitter, viewers click to play, but native clips easily play within the platform, providing a media-rich experience to any customer scrolling through his feed. Remember, though, only content that’s important to your audience will cause them to stop scrolling and start watching.

2. It reveals personality.

You can never fully capture the personality of a brand or business with words or pictures. Video, however, offers a unique way to share the intangible spirit of your business and employees. For example, a series highlighting different employees could be shared on social media with well-done portraits and eloquent excerpts, and it would likely perform well. But a short 30-second clip where employees laugh or smile while sharing information would create a more personal connection with viewers.

3. Video performs well in organic and paid social posts.

Across nearly every platform’s algorithm, video receives greater weight than other types of content. This means any natively-posted clips typically garners higher numbers in reach and engagement than other types of posts. For businesses on a budget, a short behind-the-scenes piece capitalizes on this potential, increasing the organic performance of your business on social media and expanding awareness of your company.

Whatever the size of your business, video can captivate your audience, reveal your business’s personality and increase organic performance on social media. Put its power to work for you in your social media strategy as views continue to skyrocket. Ready to jump in? Call us today for a consultation on how to develop a video-driven social media strategy: freshcreativeinc.com/contact.


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