5 Ways To Mess Up Your Logo

May 8, 2017

Your logo represents your business. It’s often the customer’s first point of contact. Unfortunately, eye-catching logos are in short supply these days, and eye-sore logos abound. Our Fresh art directors Sandra Anderson and Shelley Carpenter have seen more than their fair share of atrocities. They shared their wisdom with the Fresh blog by detailing 5 of the most common ways to mess up your logo.

1. Even 20/20 vision couldn’t decipher it.

If a customer can’t read your logo, they certainly won’t remember your brand. A logo must be clear enough to register in a customer’s mind. Indiscernible text, graphics or colors will destroy that possibility and leave your logo in the dust.

2. The fonts are all over the place.

A script font may work for a boutique, but it won’t work for an accountant. Choose a font that’s readable and fits with your brand. Your company’s aura of expertise can die on the altar of Papyrus, Times New Roman or Comic Sans. Additionally, any differing fonts utilized must be complementary, not dissonant, to the main font.

3. It dilutes your company’s essence.

A logo must be both “aesthetically cohesive and fitting of the brand,” in the words of Shelley. Design expertise coupled with a thorough understanding of a company’s heart and vision is the only way to ensure a logo truly embodies the essence of your company.

4. The graphics are out of place or gaudy.

“The logos I prefer are heavy on graphics and have an icon as a part of the identity, especially when the icon becomes better known than the name of the brand itself, allowing it to stand alone,” explained Sandra. Each logo should communicate its company’s mission in a style akin to FedEx, a favorite logo of Shelley’s with a hidden arrow that cleverly communicates the company’s mission.

5. The color choices leave much to be desired.

Color is likely the easiest downfall of a logo, frequently clashing or competing within it. Even worse, colors can contradict the overall feeling of the brand. “Color needs to make sense–and be able to work through a lifetime,” shares Sandra. If it doesn’t, your logo will leave customers scratching their heads.

Avoiding these five pitfalls will help your business steer clear of the obvious issues when creating a logo. A design team like Fresh, however, offers the chance to create a powerful, memorable logo your customers won’t forget. Are you ready to upgrade your logo? Contact us here.


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