Why Copy Matters

June 21, 2016

If marketing were like high school, great design would be the prom queen. Her visual appeal stops you in your tracks and demands your attention.

Now imagine that prom queen is also smart, funny and purpose driven. She engages you in a conversation that makes you forget why you were walking down the hall in the first place. That’s what great copy can do for you and your company. If you’re a B2B or B2C company that wants to better engage with your audience, here are three keys to copywriting success.

No. 1: On Target

Nothing jars the senses like an out-of-place instrument amid an orchestra. Using the wrong voice, being too wordy or talking above (or below) your target audience’s level can strike the wrong chord with customers. A well-tuned copywriter chooses each word or phrase to not only create interest but also to elicit action from the audience.

No. 2: Clear & Sincere

Ever talk to someone who rambled on and on? Don’t be that marketer. If you aren’t clear and to the point, your audience will lose interest. Make each word count–and be true to your brand! Today’s consumers will disconnect if your words don’t match their experiences in person, online or in other advertising. In a world flooded with marketing messages, great copy can help you stand out in the crowd.

No. 3: Emotion

Looks may get you the first date, but substance is what gets you the second. Copy should connect with your audience and persuade them to act. Emotion is the key. Make your audience feel something. Make them laugh or cry. Inspire them to be more or do more. And let them know your company is the solution. Every advertisement, press release, website or brochure is your opportunity to engage and provoke action like these brilliant examples of copywriting.

Don’t settle for copy that is “just OK.” Make sure your words work as hard as you do. If you want your marketing to look great, connect with consumers and inspire action, help is just an email away at freshcreativeinc.com.


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