5 Myths About Websites

April 15, 2016

Hercules and Achilles don’t hold the monopoly on myths in this world. The myths surrounding the world of websites, however, hold particular weight.

The sooner businesses realize the falsehoods in these five myths, the sooner they’ll receive a surge of strength comparable to those oft-mentioned Greek heroes of yore.

Myth #1: A website has to be flashy to hold a viewer’s attention.

Not so. In fact, minimalist website design has been trending. A website flush with videos, Flash animation and tons of images can be more distracting than helpful, particularly on a mobile device. Remember that each element added to a website increases loading time—and competes for the attention of the viewer. Less really can be more. Using fewer well-crafted pieces may actually hold a viewer’s attention longer and better.

Myth #2: What’s behind the scenes doesn’t count.

The truth is, a not-so-flashy website can win a viewer’s heart merely by being the first search result, which only occurs when back-end SEO plays its part. (Tip: To check out what your SEO looks like, look here.) As an added bonus, back-end code additions support digital remarketing for both Internet and social media advertisements.  A website’s functionality and ease of use also start in the back-end.

Myth #3: Customers are anonymous and untrackable.

While you don’t get a name and address for every website view, you do get important statistics through platforms like Google Analytics. There you’ll receive a plethora of information, including the ability to track your e-commerce conversions, the bounce rates of different pages, and statistics on where your traffic is coming from. These small facts all add up to a greater picture of who and where your customer is.

Myth #4: Once it’s launched, you’re finished.

With the insight and understanding that comes from analytics, you’ll begin to see the areas of your website that are falling short. If the bounce rate is high, functionality and navigation may need tweaks. If your desired conversions are low, perhaps your copy and imagery require reworking. Delving into your website’s analytics should be a guiding force that leads to continual site improvement.

Myth #5: A good design will last forever.

Website design styles shift just like fashion does, so sticking with a design that worked five years ago may not be in your best interests. Besides the waning aesthetic appeal, Google creates new search results standards at a stupefying pace—like in April 2015 when they started dinging non-mobile-responsive websites. An additional factor is the increase in the use of mobile devices, which utilize a variety of browsers and capacities, and are constantly growing or shrinking in size.

These five myths too often pervade website design and development, and, if believed, can make your website as ancient as the Greek tales. Take stock of your current website to see what misconceptions you’ve fallen prey to or contact us here to help you shatter the myths.


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