Your Picture Isn’t Worth 1,000 Words

March 22, 2016

Media saturates our lives and permeates our day-to-day activities. Amid the endless barrage, a well-crafted image can captivate viewers.

An amateur shot or a stock photo may earn a glance, but images that utilize these three qualities can help your picture earn those lauded 1,000 words.

Rule of Thirds

Do you think in thirds when taking a photo? If not, your images may lack the balance and interest necessary to harness a customer’s attention. Photographers and designers break images up into thirds both horizontally and vertically. They then position the most compelling parts around the line intersections to captivate the viewer. Professionals master this skill and, in doing so, learn the rare occasions of when to break it.


Everything is relative in photography and design—that’s composition. Though each part of an image may look beautiful individually, they can contrast or clash when put together. Each piece within the photo should be arranged to support the message behind it in a cohesive way. This may require reorganizing objects, focusing on certain objects or having models change poses. Whatever it entails, a professional photographer can assess all elements involved and position them to ensure good composition.


No viewpoint is the right viewpoint every time. Too often, amateur photography showcases predictable viewpoints and utilizes the same angles. A tried and tested photographer understands when a unique viewpoint is called for. Professionals blow fledglings out of the water with their ability to think outside-of-the-typical-viewpoint box, as well as their ability to stay inside it when needed.

With high-quality smartphones in the palm of our hands, taking a photo is easy. Yet the unique skills of the professional photographer allow him to easily achieve the proper use of the rule of thirds, composition and viewpoint in his work. A photographer’s experience in these techniques—and a myriad of others—offers your business the boost it needs in this content-permeated world. Don’t settle for less than 1,000 words with your photos. Call us today at 717.274.0292 or contact us.


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