Getting To Know Your Customers

January 6, 2016

If you don’t know your customer, you don’t know your strategy. It’s just that simple. At Fresh Creative, we know that to help our clients, we must first learn the ins and outs of their organization. Here are a few ways to discover who your customer is and what they need.

What do they say?

Listening is perhaps the simplest way to get to know your customer. If you are a B2B business, you can gain valuable insight from your clients by asking questions. It may be more challenging in a B2C company to develop a relationship with your customers, but inviting them to participate in surveys can open the door to communication. And perhaps most important in today’s connected world, engage with your customers on social media. It’s one way that you can listen to what they have to say and gain insight into what motivates them.

What do they do?

We live in a world of big data. From store loyalty programs that track every purchase to social media ads that can target specific audiences with different offers, there is nearly always a way to gain insights into your customers’ purchase behaviors. But in order to access this knowledge, you have to invest time and effort into gathering the data. Then you need to be able to interpret it and create actionable items. While it can be challenging, there is a huge payoff.

What do they want?

If you are listening to what your customers say and discovering what they do during the purchase cycle, then you have a much better chance of knowing what they want from you, perhaps even before they know! Take the insights you’ve gathered and brainstorm how to meet your customers’ needs and make their lives easier. Being a valued partner that truly understands your customer and delivers on your promises can lead to success in nearly every business relationship, from retail shoppers to distributors.

Knowing your customer enables you to craft effective strategies. As marketing, advertising and branding experts, the Fresh Creative team would be happy to get to know your organization and help you answer these questions. Give us a call at 717.274.0292 or contact us.


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