5 Principles of Design

November 4, 2015

Having a toolbox doesn’t make you a mechanic. And anyone with a computer and some basic software can call themselves a designer. But what does true, quality design entail? Shelley Carpenter, one of Fresh Creative’s art directors, discusses 5 principles you should seek in a graphic designer’s work.

No. 1: Alignment
Aligning elements creates cohesion within a design, while also making it easier for viewers to scan. A good rule of thumb is that your viewer’s eyes should not bounce between design elements. Instead, true design uses alignment to guide the eye to key elements in a calm, measured manner.

No. 2: Consistency
Without consistency, there can be no brand recognition. True design uses this principle to create an association between brand and a design, allowing the viewer to recognize a brand easily and quickly. Everything from backgrounds to colors to font choices plays a part. As a designer, it’s extremely important to create consistent designs to strengthen and deepen branding.

No. 3: Imagery
The selection of images is of the utmost importance. To avoid a lackluster design, use appealing images that support the overall message of your piece. You may not have the budget for photo shoots, but a designer should do more than selecting a random stock photo for your design. Instead, a good designer will search out an image that on its own, or with a few modifications, can enhance the design perfectly. Remember, images solidify and define a design.

No. 4: White Space
A true designer understands the need for white space even if many clients don’t. Less is more, so be wary of a designer that tries to cram as much information as possible into a design. It’s a designer’s job to help you find the right balance, which may mean limiting the extent of the content included to increase the success of the design. With adequate white space and the right information, a design can pique interest and deliver results.

No. 5: Know the Client
An integral part of design is understanding your client. When a designer gets a new client, they should learn as much as possible about their business. If your designer doesn’t take the time to ask about your organization, business model and goals, along with studying your previous and current designs and branding, you will likely end up with a less-than-successful final product. A true designer will work to pull all of this information together to create better and more innovative designs.

At Fresh Creative, we believe that if you’re going to do something, you should do it well. Good design is of the utmost importance to ensuring our clients’ success. It catches the eye of an audience. It communicates a message quickly and efficiently. Best of all, good design evokes feelings and prompts action. If you find your current designer isn’t following these principles, solid design work is still within your grasp. Let the Fresh Creative team take your design to the next level by going to freshcreativeinc.com/contact us today to let us know how we can help you.


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