Know Your Personas

August 24, 2015

Do you know your customer? Developing customer personas is indispensable when crafting your marketing strategy, social media posts and promotions. And with the amount of information at your fingertips, personas can be created easily. Start with these three steps.

No. 1: Examine your social media audiences.

On most social media platforms, you can view basic info—like age and gender—about your audience. On some, like Pinterest, you can see what websites your fans frequent. Other platforms include the location of followers or what times they are online. And then there’s Facebook’s audience insights. Using this tool, you can discover your audience’s interests, other pages they like, their relationship status, their demographic lifestyle category and so much more.

No. 2: Scrutinize Google Analytics.

Google Analytics data can show you how customers are arriving at your website and what pages they spend the most time on. For example, if a majority of customers are coming from Pinterest, it’s likely you have a project-oriented audience. If they are navigating from YouTube, they could be on the prowl for how-to videos and tutorials. Compare Google Analytics data with the information culled from social media audience analysis. If discrepancies appear, this could assist you in creating your different customer personas.

No. 3: Develop customer personas.
After compiling all of the information, pull out what dominates the data and create your customers. Give them names, specific ages, interests and buying behaviors. Your personas may not be on-the-nose, but personalizing customers can move you from the detached marketer mindset and into the shoes of your target audience. Once you do that, reaching them will become much easier.

Creating customer personas enables you to understand the customer, which makes your marketing more targeted, insightful and pertinent. If you’re just taking the plunge into targeted marketing, we can help. Let us develop your customer personas and the strategy to reach them. Call us at 717.274.0292 or email us or contact us here.


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