Eyeing Your Competitors

August 10, 2015

Your company can outshine its competition easily. The key? Monitoring. The vastness of analytics available today provides an up-close look at competitors. Once you learn your competitors’ weaknesses, you can excel where they fail. Here are three steps to get you started.

Facebook Insights

A company Facebook page has much more to offer than an analysis of engagement and reach. Scroll to the bottom of the Insights tab to see the “Pages to Watch” option. There, you can add competitors’ pages to see a rolling summary of their Facebook stats. In addition, you can click to get a preview of what they’re posting, compare your engagement rates and watch how your competitor engages with their audience.

Off-site monitors

There are plenty of paidand unpaid—services you can use to search the Internet for comments about your company and its competitors. Besides simply perusing a brand name, though, you should check key words about your industry. For free options, you can use socialmention.com, set up Google alerts or use the search bar within each social media platform. There are also a number of paid services that can do this for you when you set up a profile with keywords.

Finding weaknesses

While monitoring your brand, you may observe similar complaints or questions. Addressing those would be an ideal subject for your company’s next blog post—or for a relevant how-to video. As for your competitors, pinpoint the weak spots of their brands or services by what people are saying to and about them. On a case-by-case basis, your company can swoop in to woo customers. But you can also adjust your social media strategy to excel in the spots where your competitor has failed, or create a product/service to fill in your competitors’ gaps.

Monitoring can seem overwhelming, but in this day and age, it’s an essential part of any marketing strategy. Fresh Creative can help you get started with monitoring, as well as crafting an overall marketing and social media strategy. Harness the power of both your and your competitors’ customers to maximize your marketing impact. Call 717.274.0292 or email [email protected] to jump into the monitoring game.


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