Social Media Players: Pinterest

June 30, 2015

Pinterest has quickly become a staple in the social media world with nearly 47 million monthly active users who stockpile DIY projects, style inspiration, recipes and just about anything else you can imagine. How can you “pin” success by harnessing the power of the Pinterest pin? Here are a few ideas.

The e-commerce angle

Pinterest can become a virtual “showroom” to display products, so online retailers and e-commerce brands should consider adding Pinterest to their marketing strategies. To be effective, pins need destinations. This lets retailers and brands click and directly navigate to the company’s products and e-commerce websites. By pinning your products directly from your website and including descriptive copy, you are creating an effortless online shopping experience for your customers. And since studies are projecting 60 percent of U.S. retail sales will involve the web by 2017, it seems worth your while to do anything you can to assist online shopping. Adding a Pin It button to your website also encourages people to pin your products and spread your reach on Pinterest.

Showcase ideas

Businesses must remember, though, that Pinterest is not only about direct selling. The beauty of the channel is that consumers choose to be drawn in. So brands should use Pinterest as a springboard—not a promotional megaphone—to subtly inspire consumers to use their products. For example, Walgreens created a variety of boards like “Summer Beauty,” “Nails” and “Party Supplies.” Walgreens simply pins a product photo, or even a stock photo with their website address attached to create inspired collections that drive sales.
Share your brand’s culture

As a visual platform, Pinterest allows brands to give consumers a glimpse into the company’s culture in a relaxed manner. Many brands will create boards and share pins that reflect their mission and business goals, as well as their products. This makes your company more personable. Instead of an impersonal entity, your business on Pinterest becomes a fun, humorous, inspiring or interesting connection for your customers (and potential customers).

If you want to look at a few businesses that have exploded on Pinterest, all you need to do is navigate to Pinterest’s Success Stories page. There, you can find real-life stories from lots of businesses in a variety of industries, including Bank of America, Four Seasons and Sephora. Just remember, Pinterest isn’t going anywhere. It has been proven to drive up referral traffic to websites, and your company could be part of that phenomenon. Not sure where to start? Contact Fresh Creative today. We’ll help you find your strategy to “pin” success.


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