Social Media Players: Facebook

May 6, 2015

Facebook is much more than a way to connect with friends and family; it has quickly become a valuable business and marketing tool that allows brands and businesses to connect with their consumers.

How has Facebook become such a power player in the marketing world? We’re breaking down the business benefits of the platform.


Facebook is the most popular and most widely used social media network with 1.44 billion monthly active users. This large audience almost guarantees that virtually any target group can be reached on Facebook. Without a presence, you’re missing a major opportunity to connect and engage with your consumers.

Easy To Use

With its simple design and navigability, Facebook is one of the easiest social media networks to use (a major factor in why the channel is so popular across age groups.) The platform makes it easy to share text along with videos, photos and website links so you can connect and engage conveniently with your followers.


Facebook advertising can enable your organization to connect with consumers that traditional advertising methods may not reach. The platform offers a variety of campaigns based on different marketing and sales goals, allowing businesses to reach specific audiences and consumers. Most advertising options are affordable so businesses of all budgets can easily integrate social media advertising into their marketing efforts. Best of all, each campaign includes a full suite of analytics for thorough measurement and evaluation of your investment.

Are you ready to make Facebook a part of your marketing plan? Fresh Creative has the marketing know how to help you get started. From content and messaging strategy to daily monitoring and management, let us help your business get social!


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