Social Media…Are You Ready?

April 23, 2015

While social media has become a fact of our daily personal lives, it has also become a major force in the business and professional world. Brands have honed the power of social media to strengthen brand awareness, drive sales and generate new leads.

Is your business considering joining social media? We suggest running through these considerations before logging in.


While it’s important to determine who your audience is, it’s just as critical to consider where they are as well. Each channel offers and appeals to a different audience.  Younger audiences tend to use Instagram, Vine and Twitter, whereas older audiences prefer more traditional platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It’s also important to think about your business model. What is your market? For example, Pinterest users love crafts, DIY projects and recipe ideas, so brands aligning with those interests may consider that platform a major channel for their social efforts.


As it is with any other marketing tactic, content on social media is king. Ask yourself: what am I going to post? Determining the content you have to share on your social media accounts can help determine what platforms are best for your social strategy. If your business can provide more visual content, media-focused platforms like Instagram, Vine and Pinterest may work well for your business. If your content is more “text” focused, like company news or brand updates, your content may perform best on Facebook or Twitter.


One of the most important considerations regarding social media is time. Do you have time to commit to posting and monitoring? When it comes to social media, a consistent posting schedule is necessary. This will show your audience and consumers you are in tune with your marketing efforts and are open to communicating and engaging with them. However, a social media schedule does not have to be daunting! Aim for posting at least once a week or a set number of posts per month to get into the social media habit. If time is still an issue, an outside agency (like Fresh Creative) can help with your social media efforts.

Is your business ready for social media? From content strategy to daily management and monitoring, Fresh Creative is here to help with every step of the social media marketing process. Contact us today to get started!



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