Social Media And Customer Service

April 7, 2015

Many organizations avoid having a social media presence in the vain hope it will prevent negative feedback. They think if you’re not on social media, no one is talking about you.

But if you buy into this social media myth, you may be missing a wonderful customer service tool that can help your company succeed through both positive and negative social feedback.

Social media is the new form of traditional customer service.

Customer service lives in the now, just like social media. Social media channels make your business more easily accessible to your consumers – expect them to use those opportunities to reach you with both their praises and complaints! Monitor your social media account consistently and frequently to avoid missing any interactions from your fans.

Social media is a way to extend and enrich the customer’s experience.

With so many social media platforms available, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to connect with the businesses and brands that are a part of their lives. Customer service is not only about solving problems; every customer contact is a chance to enhance the relationship. Use social media as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Like and respond to their comments or share their photos featuring your brand or product. Your users are sure to appreciate the attention!

A customer service plan should be a part of your social media strategy.

It’s critical to be prepared for customer feedback. Set a plan for responding to future feedback with your social media team. We suggest these tips:

–     While monitoring your social accounts, listen to what is being said about your brand or product. If there’s an opportunity to engage, take it!

–     Respond within 24 hours to all comments or questions left on your social media pages. Your consumers will expect their thoughts to be listened to and addressed.

–     If the feedback is negative, direct the conversation away from social media; ask the consumer to contact your customer service department or (if the social media platform allows it), privately message the user and address the issue. Unless the content is offensive or violates your company’s mission, it’s against best practices to delete negative feedback from your social media accounts.

Remember, addressing negative feedback on your accounts is a great way to show your audience you are listening to what they are saying.

Social media and its customer service benefits are a great tool to add to your marketing strategy. Does your business need help managing its social media? Fresh Creative can help with all aspects of the process. Contact us today to get started!


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