Engagement On Social Media

January 19, 2015

While social media is a valuable digital marketing tool, the true value of social media marketing lies within the engagement your content receives. You may spend hours planning and designing your content, but is your audience listening to what you are saying?

When it comes to social media, engagement is what matters.

What’s (Not) Working?

An obvious indicator of engagement is the activity your post has generated: likes, comments, shares, favorites, retweets, and other social media approvals. Almost all of the major social media networks offer in-depth analytics and insights into the content you post. By reviewing your post performance, you can see how truly engaging each post was. If your post receives little to no activity, it may not be the content your audience wants. It may be time to rethink your content strategy; use these analytics to tailor your future content.

Get Visual

Social media is a great platform for visual storytelling. Graphics, videos and other visuals can make your content more digestible and share-worthy. Remember, while content should be professional and meet brand standards, all visual content doesn’t have to be slick and corporate. Try using a past photo for a “Throwback Thursday” or a behind the scenes video to introduce your office or your staff.

Are YOU Listening?

Social media is about connections – make sure you are maintaining the connections you have made with your followers! Let your audience know you are listening to what they have to say, as well. Respond to comments left on your posts, follow up to customer messages sent to your Pages and thank users for following your account. Engagement is a two-way street!

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