Scary Successful Marketing Tips

October 21, 2014

Imagination and creativity are at the heart of Halloween. A plain pumpkin becomes a glowing jack-o-lantern. A corn field is turned into a haunted landscape for a hay ride. A cape, mask or a pair of fairy wings can turn a child into their favorite character for a night.

Dress for Success

Costumes are all about appearance, allowing you to become someone else for the night. What does your business look like to those who don’t know you? Organizations are often judged by external factors before a customer ever interacts with your staff. All brand communications, including your signage, logos, brochures, advertising, websites and social media, should be consistent with each other and with the consumer experience. Take a look at how your business appears to the public and make adjustments to ensure your organization is dressed for success.

Trick or Treat

Tell a kid there’s candy up at the strange house on the hill and chances are good they’ll go right up to the door! When it comes to new business, people can be hesitant to ask for the sale, the lead or the referral. It may be scary, but step out of your comfort zone and up to the door to ask! Chances are you’re going to like the results. Many potential clients will appreciate your go-getter attitude and the risk you took to reach out to them.

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun!

While it does offer some scares, Halloween is about really having fun. Remember to let your customers know you can have fun, too! Think your business is too rigid to show its wild side? Healthcare organizations across the country have done Pink Glove Dance videos showing clinical staff dancing in pink gloves to raise awareness about breast cancer. Having fun can help you break through the marketing clutter, make your customers feel personally connected to your business, and encourage customer and brand loyalty.

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