Manufacturing Marketing Success

September 30, 2014

Manufacturing is a process driven industry, relying on maximizing raw materials and labor through efficient processes and procedures. Marketing professionals can learn from the world of manufacturing by adding these elements to your formula for marketing success.

Raw Materials

Without raw materials, you can’t manufacture a product. The same goes for your marketing. From product specifications and imagery to target audiences and sales cycles, your creative team will need access to the raw materials necessary to get the job done. Without determining what you need, your marketing team can’t proceed and you won’t succeed!


After you determine the core elements of your marketing strategy, you’ll need to secure the manpower to execute your ideas. Maximizing the labor function means determining who can do what task most efficiently. What can you achieve internally? What needs to be outsourced? Who is managing the project to ensure you adhere to the project goals and timeline? Labor is just as critical to your success as the raw materials you are working with. Selecting a team with the right qualifications will ensure the process can move smoothly.


Once you’ve gathered your materials and selected your team, it’s time to start manufacturing marketing success! If you have existing brand standards, make sure every marketing piece adheres to them for consistency. As you move forward with your execution, perform quality checks for all elements to analyze their effectiveness. Compelling copy, engaging visuals and on-target messaging are all critical to your marketing success; don’t let one part of your process knock you off course. After all the effort you’ve put into planning and preparation, you want to make sure your plan is performing at its best!

Are you ready to start manufacturing marketing success? From packaging and catalogs to social media and advertising, Fresh Creative has a track record of helping manufacturers connect with both their distribution network and end consumers with successful marketing strategies and creative elements to achieve their goals. Contact Fresh Creative to start the process today!


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