Don’t Fall Into Bad Marketing Habits

September 18, 2014

Leaves are changing, the weather is cooler…fall is officially here! With fall festivities and decorating to do, the last thing on your mind may be your businesses marketing tactics.

As we welcome in the new season, be careful not to “fall” into these bad marketing habits.

Forgetting to Weatherproof

A common practice during the autumn months is weatherproofing and winterizing your home to prepare for upcoming winter weather. Use the same mindset for your marketing! Create a marketing strategy to plan for the upcoming months that outlines goals and objectives, strategies and tactics to prepare for the rest of the season. Having a plan in place will keep you focused, organized and prepared as the year progresses.

Letting the Leaves Pile Up

It’s easy to get distracted with bigger projects and let other assignments fall by the wayside. Maybe you started a blog and haven’t updated in a few months or you’ve fallen behind on your company newsletter. Take time to catch up on forgotten marketing efforts to show your business is actively committed to its marketing. You never know, that new blog post or newsletter may secure you a new client!

Missing the Harvest Party

With social media, email and other digital marketing tactics, it’s easier than ever for your fans and clients to stay connected with your business – have you been listening? It’s important to stay connected with your clients; after all, they’re the ones who help keep your business running! Taking the time to connect with your fans, followers and friends shows you’re listening to what they have to say and can inspire loyalty and encourage engagement. Simple efforts like thanking customers for leaving a positive review on your website or liking comments left by fans on your Facebook Page can help build a stronger relationship with your consumers and create a better brand experience.

Afraid you’ve fallen into these bad habits? Fresh Creative is here to help with all your marketing habits – both good and bad. Contact us today!


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