Healthy Marketing Tips

July 21, 2014

Health is a central focus in life. Getting healthy, staying healthy and returning to health are the underlying marketing themes for many industries from foods and supplements to athletic equipment and vacation resorts.

A healthy marketing strategy is critical to the success of your organization. Implement some of the same strategies that help a person get healthy to ensure your marketing success.

The Right Ingredients. Diet is critical to preventing and managing many healthcare conditions from heart disease to diabetes. Just like those looking to lose weight, many marketers are willing to try “crash” marketing diets rather than focus on the basics. Stopping advertising completely, shifting to all new media, or ignoring the rise of social media can lead to an unhealthy imbalance in your marketing diet. Making sure your marketing includes the right ingredients in the right proportions will allow you to try new ideas without compromising your marketing plan.

Put It in Action. Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. Having a marketing strategy is a lot like having a treadmill in your house… It’s only beneficial if you use it! Putting your strategy into action allows you to see what is working and what changes to your routine could increase results.

Track Your Efforts. Without getting on the scale, taking your vitals or getting out the measuring tape, you have no idea if your efforts at getting healthy are working. In the case of your marketing health, don’t Just Do It. Track it, too! Don’t be afraid to ask for help either. Just like athletes adjust their training regimens under the direction of a trainer or coach, seek out help in developing, implementing or evolving your marketing strategy with a professional. Sometimes a new outlook can help even the most seasoned marketer breakthrough a marketing plateau.

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