Social Media 101

July 10, 2014

Social media marketing has become one of the most popular and most widely used tactics among brands and companies of all sizes and sectors. Businesses are gaining new leads from their Twitter followers, securing new clients from Facebook fans and gaining website traffic from Pinterest pinners.

Need to increase your social media savvy? We’ve got you covered with Fresh Creative’s Social Media 101.

Facebook – As the most popular social network, Facebook helps build, strengthen and engage the relationships between businesses and their clients and consumers. Companies can inform and interact with users by sharing content such as brand photos, company videos and blog links relevant to the brand’s mission, goals and projects. Consumers and clients can further interact with the brand by liking company updates, commenting on company posts and pictures, and posting messages to the company’s page.

Twitter – Consumers want information as quickly as possible. Through Twitter, businesses can communicate and connect with consumers through concise messages called tweets that are easy to read and share. Brands can keep their clients and consumers informed with most up-to-date information, allowing them to stay connected while on-the-go. Users, known as followers, can show their approval by favoriting tweets or by sharing them through retweets.

Google+ – Similar to Facebook in format, content shared through Google+ aids in SEO efforts and search engine results. Companies with Google+ profiles rank higher in Google search results. Google+ users “+1” to like a post and can follow businesses and brands by adding them to their “circles”.

Pinterest – A virtual bulletin board, Pinterest helps brands visually represent and market themselves. Brands can make boards of company products or designs and link them back to the company’s website. Pinterest users, or pinners, can share by repinning items from the brand’s Pinterest account or by pinning items directly from the brand’s website.  Boards can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Instagram – Brands can visually engage clients through photos shared on Instagram. With different photo filters and the use of hashtags, brands can spotlight products, events and other company snapshots. Users can follow brands to like and comment on photos. Instagram photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr among others.

YouTube – As a video hosting site, YouTube allows brands to connect with users through visual storytelling. Brands can engage with consumers through YouTube videos demonstrating company products or detailing new projects or endeavors. Videos can be less formal; companies can show their personality with behind the scenes or staff videos. YouTube users can engage with brands by subscribing to a company’s channel and liking or sharing videos.

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