Find Your Marketing Match

February 18, 2014

Committed partnership or keeping your options open? Your marketing relationship status could be affecting your organization’s success.

A recent online comic compared life as a single with life in a relationship, drawing amusing parallels on how your approach to everyday situations changes based on your relationship status. The same goes for your marketing. Businesses that use multiple vendors versus those partnered with one agency react to marketing situations quite differently. What is your marketing relationship status?

Dedicated Dater – You have a roster of agencies that you use for project work. With so many vendors you don’t have time to develop relationships so most decisions are based on price alone. Project work can have the same ups and downs as dating: sometimes you love the results and other times you’re left disappointed. While having multiple agencies a speed dial away can be thrilling for some marketers, others find it can be stressful to manage multiple projects with different vendors and uncertain results.

Unabashedly Uncommitted – You may have a steady relationship with an agency, but you’re looking for a little excitement on the side. You want to shake things up. Maybe you look to a specialized agency for a new project or a social media agency for your next Facebook campaign. It can be a great way to inject new ideas into your marketing efforts, but if your goal is simply to ‘keep your agency on their toes’, you run the risk of damaging your main marketing relationship.

Committed Partner – It isn’t always love at first sight. You’ve been in this industry for a while and you know once you find the one, it’s time to commit. Finding the right partner can make your life much easier. Your agency can become an extension of your marketing team with a complete understanding of your brand and its marketing goals. When there’s a bump in the road, you know you can count on your agency to help you get back on track. A true strategic partnership can help you find success and enjoy the process.

What are you looking for in an agency relationship? Is now the time to try something new? Fresh Creative believes in developing relationships with our clients by getting to know your team, your brand and your goals whether we’re working on a standalone project or becoming your agency of record. If you’re looking for new insights that may just lead to a long-term relationship, call Fresh Creative today. We’ll even pay for the first date.



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