Monster Marketing Mistakes

October 3, 2013

Who’s afraid of frightening fails in your marketing and their bone-chilling consequences? Don’t be haunted by your mistakes. Be on the lookout for common marketing nightmares before they keep you up at night.

Sweet dreams start when you avoid these monster missteps in your marketing:

Speed Demon – Marketing is fast paced, but don’t let the rush get in the way of a good end product. Be realistic about your deadlines and what is possible in the necessary time frame. Creativity takes time. Don’t expect groundbreaking work in a few hours. Even with lowered expectations you can find yourself in trouble if in the heat of the moment you skip a thorough proofreading or legal check. There will always be rush projects; the key is to plan ahead when you can and take the time to make sure your materials/message are as polished as possible when you can’t.

The Cost Slasher – Obviously staying within budget and cutting costs wherever possible is a fact of life in marketing today, but beware the Cost Slasher that takes cost containment too far. For instance, you sell a luxury product and you try to cut costs on printing your catalog. You may choose cheaper stock or a new printing vendor with the low ball quote and no track record of success. When you are investing a substantial amount in the design and printing of a catalog, trying to cut corners can cost you more in the long run.

The Thousand “I”-ed Monster – “I” will just design the logo. “I” can write the copy. “I” will layout the brochure. “I” can handle all social media. “I” will write the press release. “I” can do it all. Sometimes it’s ego; sometimes it’s a way to save time or money. It’s rarely a good idea. You probably can do most marketing tasks yourself, but chances are there is someone who can do them much better. More often than not, professional help is worth the investment, freeing your time to focus on the ways you can best impact your organization’s success.

Don’t let these marketing monsters invade your organization and make your job a living nightmare. Fresh Creative can help your organization make wise investments in time, money and resources to help you survive marketing mayhem. Contact us today.




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