Where Are Your Customers?

June 4, 2013

Social media is more than just Facebook. Finding which social sites will provide the most impact for your marketing investment is critical to your social media success.

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, but starting with a core knowledge of “Who” you want to reach, “Where” they are, “What” they want and “Why” they’d interact with you can help your organization streamline your social media strategy.

“Who” you want to reach – Is your organization primarily B2B or B2C? For those targeting businesses, it’s important to consider who your best prospects are and what your purchase process is like. For those targeting consumers, having an idea of your key demographics and researching how they use social media in the purchase process can help you identify who you want to reach.

“Where” are your customers? – In an ever-expanding social media landscape, knowing where to focus your attention is critical to your social media success. B2B customers may be most likely to interact with you on LinkedIn and Twitter, but they may also using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr. It gets even more challenging for consumer marketing. Facebook is the giant, but depending on your demos or content strategy there may be even more effective communities for you.

“What” & “Why” go hand in hand – Do they want videos? Pictures? White papers? News? Inside knowledge? Coupons? Determining what your target audience wants and the motivating factors in why they would interact with you is a linked process. Coupons or insider info can appeal to your target’s desire to be in the know. Photos are visually appealing and tend to be shared and interacted with more than straight copy posts. White papers and other downloads can be powerful lead generators for B2B.

Questions about getting started in social media? Let the Fresh Creative strategists help you develop a winning social media strategy for your organization. And be sure to check out Social Media Part 2 on building your audience in social media.



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