Social Media III: Content Strategy

June 4, 2013

Content is king in social media. It doesn’t matter what type of audience you build unless you have a plan to communicate with them.

Hopefully you’ve been able to determine where your customers are and set your social media goals, so you can focus on developing the right content to engage your social media community.

Who is your brand? – There are two main ways to make your brand come alive in social media: develop a uniform brand voice and/or empower your employees to speak on behalf of your brand using their own unique voice. A uniform brand voice thrives on consistency allowing your followers to have an unwavering experience with your brand through every social channel. Individual voices, when properly identified, allow for differences in voice, attitude and personality (within predetermined limits of course).

What do you share? – Different audiences have different motivations for engaging with your brand. Maybe they clicked like because a friend did. Or maybe they sought out your video while researching a purchase and decided to share it with their friends. Unfortunately, there isn’t a step-by-step plan for success that applies to any organization when it comes to content. Your success could be found in photos, videos, coupons, white papers, news links or geographic-based offers. Developing a successful content strategy involves research, intuition and trial and error. See what competitors or other brands you admire are doing. Follow social media trends. Stay in touch with your customer or prospect. And lastly, just try it and analyze your results.

Get the conversation started – What makes social media different from traditional media is the goal of sparking conversation and engaging with your audience. Seeing what content helps you start a conversation is important, but just as important (if not more important) is being ready to interact in conversations you may not have initiated. How you deal with complaints, questions and other mentions of your brand greatly impacts your brand.

No matter where you are in the social media realm, Fresh Creative can help your organization find success with creative support, planning, and content strategy for social media.




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