Copywriting III: Professional Messages

June 4, 2013

While there are many ways to do-it-yourself with marketing copy, professional copywriting and copyediting services can provide polish for your message that you didn’t even know was missing.

Copywriting and copyediting for marketing and advertising cover a broad spectrum of services that can be tailored for any project.

Start to Finish – Sometimes a copywriting project is passed on to a professional from the start though this is rare for most marketing projects. Marketers typically at a minimum give direction, required elements and product/service information to provide the copywriter with the starting information necessary to prepare the messaging. While Fresh Creative occasionally works on a truly start-to-finish project with interviews, research and composition, most projects fall into the next category.

Copywriting from Provided Content – Most CMOs and marketing teams have developed the initial information/direction and are looking for copywriting assistance to polish and fine tune the message for a particular project. The copywriter works with this information to craft the message in order to meet the project goals as well as work within the parameters of the project whether that’s 30 words for a web page or 3000 for a brochure. A professional copywriter can also help adapt the message for different audiences allowing your brand voice to remain consistent while connecting most effectively with each audience.

Copyediting – There are always a few clients that don’t want any copywriting services for a project, but basic copyediting is almost always necessary. Copyediting checks for simple grammar, spelling, punctuation, or usage errors to ensure your copy shines. A copyeditor may make suggestions for better flow in the content or point out style/consistency concerns, but generally doesn’t rewrite copy without the direction to do so. Most clients find it’s worth the minimal investment to avoid embarrassing errors or costly reprints.

If you would like to learn more about how Fresh Creative’s copywriting and copyediting services can enhance your project, ask your account manager.



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