Photography Part 2

April 3, 2013

Knowing a picture is worth a thousand words in marketing, you realize your project requires a custom photograph not stock imagery. Having the right image is critical, but like most marketers today you need to efficiently manage your budget.

With the drastic improvements in digital photography, you’re debating if your point-and-shoot digital camera can get the job done, but you also understand a poor image can compromise your marketing efforts, or worse, even damage your brand.


There are times a well-composed, well-cropped photo you take yourself can work. Internal marketing communications, social media (immediacy and realism) and some short term web uses are good examples of when DIY photography may work, such as posting photos of an event. These cases generally do not require high-resolution and with improvements in consumer-geared digital photography editing programs, chances are your photo can be acceptable.


When your image is to be used in external marketing materials or to show your product, even online, you most likely need a professional. A professional photographer can ensure that the lighting, resolution, composition, cropping, retouching and formatting of the resulting image will create the right impression for your brand.

We understand budget constraints. We also understand the importance of maintaining your brand image. Fresh Creative helps our clients find the balance between DIY and professional photography while offering affordable location and studio photography services. Explore our work to see our use of photography and be sure to check out the next installment of the Fresh Perspective series on photography.


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