Finding Growth In The Senior Market

October 24, 2012

In this economy most businesses are looking for growth, but many discount the senior market because they aren’t selling lift chairs or transfer bathtubs. The mature market is much more than that!

Seniors are a huge part of the population with diverse needs and disposable income. They are looking for solutions to make their life better and ease the aging process. Are you reaching them with your products and services?

Universal Design. The Universal Design (UD) movement started in the architectural and design community with a focus on creating environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life. Oftentimes the starting point for seniors looking to Age in Place in their existing homes, the essence of UD is good design. For instance, a home builder may consider placing light switches lower on the wall making them easily accessible to both those in a wheelchair and to children. Instead of a standard toggle switch, rocker switches are easier for both arthritic hands and arms filled with groceries. Making universally appealing products for the home is good business sense. If your product or service has UD attributes already, market those! It can help you reach a broad range of consumers from young families to seniors.

Product modifications. If your products are not easily accessible, you should consider how making design modifications can help you increase your business by offering solutions that appeal to all, especially seniors. No one likes to feel old, so changes like easier to open packaging or easier to read labeling are appealing to seniors. Packaging is a great start, but nearly any product can benefit from design modifications. If you’ve ever tried to decorate a Christmas tree with a child or a senior, you’ve probably noticed that it takes a great deal of dexterity and eye/hand coordination to guide the tiny metal hooks through the small hole on the top of the ornament. Could manufacturing larger hooks, modifying the hole on the top of the ornament or creating an ornament with an integrated hanger make sense for these audiences? There are nearly limitless ways you can modify your existing products to make them more accessible to a broader audience including seniors.

Maximize your marketing. Once you have a product that provides solutions for seniors, you need to market it in an appropriate way. Clearly identify the benefits of your product highlighting the solutions it provides. Your design should include fonts that are easy to read and provide enough visual contrast to make it legible for those with eyesight limitations. Much like Universal Design for the home, a well-designed website that is easy to read and navigate is equally accessible to seniors, busy moms, and mobile device users.

Universally appealing products can help you reach a broad range of consumers, including seniors, allowing your business to grow in a challenging economy. Fresh Creative offers consultation services by our Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists (CAPS), specially trained to assess, access, and appeal to seniors with a focus on products and services for the senior’s home. We can help you brainstorm product modifications or recommend new ways to market your products or services to seniors. Contact Fresh Creative today to put our experienced team to work for you with strategic and creative solutions to reach the senior market.



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