Making The Most Of Mobile

July 27, 2012

The proliferation of tablets and smartphones is changing how people use the internet, worrying many organizations that have made a substantial investment in their existing website. One of the most frequent laments we hear from organizations is that they know they need a mobile site, but just don’t have the budget to make it happen.

Like any investment, your chances for a good return depend on doing your homework before you get out the checkbook. When contemplating the development of a mobile site, consider these key factors that can help you determine whether it will be worth the investment.

Website Source Traffic – The first step should be to take a look at your website analytics and see what types of devices are accessing your website. You can gain insights into your website visitors and their usage patterns to help you determine if a mobile website makes sense for your organization. High mobile numbers can mean a prime audience for a mobile site or it may mean your existing site is performing well even on mobile devices. Low mobile numbers can conversely reflect a poor site experience or low need for a mobile site.

Current User Experience – The next step is to visit your existing website through multiple mobile devices to see how it responds with special emphasis on the top traffic-driving devices for your website. Go beyond the homepage and try to navigate the site as a consumer would. Can’t click on the navigation? Elements not displaying properly? It may be time for a mobile website.

Your Business – Determining if a mobile website is a good investment also depends on your business. Knowing your customers and your sales cycle is critical. Some businesses will benefit from a rich mobile experience, others will not.

Your Budget – The best option for mobile users is a separate mobile site with focused features, streamlined content, and larger buttons and links. If your budget doesn’t allow for a separate mobile site and your current website could use an upgrade, responsive web design may be an option. By using fluid proportion-based grids which use percentages instead of pixels, your new site will be easy to read and navigate on a variety of devices. While building one site is less expensive than two, there are limitations to responsive web design that could limit your desktop users’ experience. Depending on your traffic sources and design needs, it may not be worth the savings in every situation.

Just like when considering any investment, do your homework and then seek the insights of an expert when you are deliberating a new mobile website. The Fresh Creative web development team can work with you to determine the best tools and solutions for your situation to help you make the most of mobile.




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