It Pays To Plan

June 7, 2012

Can pre-planning really save you money? The answer is yes.

The recent spotlight on extreme couponing illustrates how pre-planning before shopping can lead to huge savings. In much the same way as clipping coupons and making a list before grocery shopping, pre-planning for a video project can save your business time and money while helping to ensure you have a finished product that achieves your goals.

The first step in the success of your video project is to start with a clear purpose. Develop a creative brief for the video so you and your production team know what you want to achieve and how long you have to do it. If you are unfamiliar with writing a creative brief, seek the guidance of a skilled project manager who will be able to guide you through the process.

The next step is to develop a script to fit the length of the video you want to create, whether it’s a 15-second online pre-roll ad or 5-minute instructional video. Knowing your video’s time will allow both the copywriter to effectively communicate your message within your time constraints and the videographer to plan and capture the shots you need. A tight script and shot plan created in advance can save countless time in editing and eliminate the need for reshoots.

Having an approved script and storyboard in your production team’s hands prior to the shoot will go far in eliminating many problems. The simple fact is that inadequate pre-production planning can increase costs for on-site production and post-production work, often the most expensive portions of the video project. Having a clear, well-organized plan not only minimizes unexpected costs, but helps ensure that all parties have the same vision for the project.

It pays to plan. Discussing production values, budget and format in advance with your video production team and formulating a clear plan of action will help you create the video you envision on the budget you have. If you are considering a video project, give Fresh Creative a call to discuss how our video production team can help you achieve your goals.



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