Video To Promote Your Organization

April 17, 2012

Many marketers think that to be successful, online video marketing must create that viral hit – a video that lights up social media and accumulates millions of hits.

The reality of video marketing is that branded videos are much less likely to become viral and even the cutest, funniest, most adorable video ever has little chance of making a huge splash or positively impacting your bottom line.

That’s not to say creating online videos for marketing purposes can’t be successful. Online videos can be effectively used by organizations to inform, engage and encourage your customers and prospects and help you achieve specific business goals.

For instance, many of our clients have found success in creating product demonstration videos that allow consumers to see their product in action. From farm equipment to luxury kitchen appliances, those buying (or selling) your products find value in seeing how it works and your video helps influence the buying experience.

Almost any organization can harness the power of online video including healthcare, home remodelers, professional service providers or even a local restaurant. The key to success is determining what you want to accomplish and setting a reasonable budget and action plan to achieve results.

Creating rich online video experiences can help you drive traffic to your website, support the buying process and engage your social media communities. While we can’t promise the next viral hit, Fresh Creative can help you develop an online video marketing strategy and the supporting creative for your organization. Ask your account manager or contact us today to find out how.




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