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Make your website work hard for you.

In today’s challenging times for business, a web presence is mandatory. Consumers have changed their habits. People are turning to the internet, not the phone book, to find and locate businesses. With their mobile devices, they are comparing products, reading reviews, and making purchases wherever they are. Your customers judge your business by your website before they even see your location, product or service in person. Maximizing your internet presence and establishing your brand on the web is a prerequisite for success.

Fresh Creative is a creative web design company that offers simple, effective design and development.

A website redesign is a proven method to increase brand awareness and improve sales. Website technology has changed, and Fresh Creative can help your business expand your brand presence with a stylish, branded and functional website design that encourages a positive user experience.

Our Fresh Creative digital team offers many interactive and web development services for businesses and organizations including:

  • Website audits and SEO analysis
  • Web design and development
  • Responsive web design and mobile compatibility
  • Optimization of existing websites for mobile viewing
  • Application development

Scalable Solutions

A successful website is designed and scaled so that it meets your needs. Fresh Creative works with businesses and organizations of all sizes to create tailored website solutions. Our award-winning internet strategy and design team creates customized website solutions to fit your budget and produce the results you need.

Whether it’s through search engine optimization or responsive design, redesigning your website allows you to optimize your page for the best results.

Connected Brand Experience

Your website should be an extension of your brand that is consistent with what your customers experience offline. We are much more than just web designers at Fresh Creative. Our team of marketing professionals understands the importance of consistent branding. We ensure your company’s voice and personality will be prominent throughout your website’s design to create a connected brand experience for your customers.

Foundation for Success

To begin the process, our design and development team evaluates your existing website in order to assess your site’s strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness. We measure your internet presence using Google Analytics, Google rankings, and keyword analysis so we can craft a customized internet strategy.

Knowledge is power. We research demographics and search behaviors of your target audience so we share your brand’s message in the most effective way to maximize your message’s potential reach. Then we will research how your customers seek information to strengthen and ensure visibility on the most appropriate and most successful channels. This can include the Yellow Pages, Google Ads and other internet search methods.

Technology That Works

Responsive design technology is one of the most important and critical components of any website today. Responsive design allows your site to adapt to any device and screen size, thus making your site easy to use and navigate from any platform. It also eliminates the need for developing a separate mobile site in most cases, making it a cost-effective design tool. Our development team will create a responsive website that will make your site easy to use for your visitors. A positive user experience encourages visitors to revisit your website in the future whether they are on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Components of Successful Web Design

A Fresh Creative website design always includes these three key components for a successful website:

Research. Solid strategy begins with research so we include Google Analytics in each site design. With these tools, you can access important user information, such as which pages are most frequently viewed. This allows you to update and manage your site’s content effectively.

Visual Appeal. First impressions are important. A website is often the first point of contact that a potential customer has with your business. A visually appealing website design, geared to your demographics, can provide a professional and engaging presence for your brand online that is consistent with the experience customers will have in your location.

The User Experience. Beyond looking good, your site needs to function for your customers giving them the information they want quickly. Most of all, a positive user experience will lead customers back to your site or to your location, so key considerations are navigation, content clarity and call to action.

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