Integrated Marketing

A unified cross-platform strategy makes your marketing budget work harder for you across traditional, digital and social media.

Don’t spend another marketing dollar without an integrated marketing communication strategy in place. The Fresh Creative team can help all of your marketing, advertising and social media communications work together in a brand consistent way so you make the most of your marketing budget.

Fresh Creative combines great design, engaging content, and integrated digital and traditional marketing to ensure your organization thrives. Our expertise in brand strategy and content messaging allows us to craft effective communications for each of your key audiences – whether dealers and distributors, big box retail or end consumers.

Strategic Partnership

A successful strategy begins with collaboration between our teams. You know your business best. We want to harvest your knowledge so we can help uncover new opportunities for your organization’s success. Our strategists and creative team use our decades of business-to-business and business-to-consumer experience to guide you through the process. We take the time to understand your brand, your goals, and your customers’ needs and desires. This helps us develop a consistent integrated marketing communications strategy that delivers results. That teamwork is essential to develop and communicate an authentic brand experience that builds awareness, connects with your audience, and drives sales and loyalty for your brand.

Connected Brand Experiences

Every touch point is an opportunity for your brand to connect and engage. Your advertising and marketing communications, whether digital, traditional or social, must blend seamlessly to create a connected brand experience. Whether B2B or consumer-focused, any organization can benefit from building an authentic, consistent brand that connects with their customers. Fresh Creative can help you implement an integrated marketing strategy with consistently branded creative to build a connected brand experience.

Measuring Success

Fresh Creative wants to help you make every marketing dollar, message and medium work together to deliver results. That’s the beauty of integrated marketing! We want your brand to grow, because your success is our success. We want to discuss your unique marketing challenges and how we can help you find solutions to join conversations, move your brand culture forward, drive demand for your products or services, and deliver results. Let the Fresh Creative team go to work building your brand and driving sales with a cross-channel approach to advertising, marketing and communications.

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