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The emergency services industry is inherently filled with risk making it a challenge to properly insure firefighters, EMTs and other first responders. It’s not a one-size-fits-all policy. The industry requires coverage options that offer flexibility with customized insurance packages to meet the special needs of each emergency service. Zinn Insurance had the experience and industry knowledge necessary to help provide that tailored coverage so they turned to Fresh Creative to help them reach this niche audience.

Since its founding in 1938, Zinn Insurance has had a long history of personal involvement in the emergency services industry.  With a number of employees currently active in emergency response services, the Zinn Insurance team was uniquely positioned to combine their expertise in insurance with their hands-on knowledge of the challenges emergency service providers face. Now they just needed to let the professionals in fire and EMS departments as well as related industries know.

Fresh Creative proposed a targeted microsite with streamlined information and resources for the industry. A microsite is a small website often with a unique URL that functions outside the normal website. In this instance, the ZinnEMSFire microsite is focused on providing the emergency services industry with concise, targeted information about insurance, training programs and other resources available through Zinn Insurance.

Microsite Development Services

The Fresh Creative digital team was excited to tackle this project. The authenticity of the Zinn connection to the industry was important to convey. Zinn could not only talk the talk, they also walk the walk and were ready to put their knowledge to work for first responders. Our digital manager’s own commitment to the industry as a volunteer fire chief allowed us to ensure we would connect with the audience. The microsite features eye-catching photography, targeted copy and easy-to-navigate design. Built with strong SEO, the microsite will allow Zinn Insurance to reach further into the emergency services industry with helpful resources to protect first responders like they protect their communities.


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