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As the number one search engine, Google is the go-to place for people looking up products and services. Customers and business owners alike turn to Google for their business transactions. With this high volume of traffic, Google is the best place to market your business and services.

Think of this scenario: You want to buy a coffee maker. You ubiquitously search on your phone “coffee maker” and out pops the top three coffee maker sellers in your area. How did they get there? Chances are, they are listed and verified on Google My Business. With the help of a GMB expert, your business can get to that top three spots too.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business or GMB is a service offered by Google that lets you create a free business listing. Through GMB, local businesses can boost their visibility by posting relevant information such as business location, operating hours, and phone numbers. GMB allows businesses to manage their brand online and boosts their online presence. With proper SEO management, you can increase traffic to your business by propelling your search results to the “local pack” – these are the top 3 search results.

Benefits of Google My Business

Better Visibility

A business listed on Google My Business has the advantage over its competitors by being more visible to clients. Customers are more likely to buy from verified companies and those with a robust online presence. Businesses listed on Google My Business can advertise their business hours and location for free, which makes it easier for potential customers to locate them.

Product Reviews

A key feature of Google My Business is the review and comments section. Besides your personal social media page and product website, Google My Business adds a venue where your clients can leave reviews and recommendations. This customer feedback is another way to promote your business and boost your business’s visibility.

Customer Connection

Through Google My Business, business owners can answer customer queries in real-time and address any customer concerns. This feature allows business owners to connect to their customers personally and makes customers feel heard and valued.

Google My Business Optimization Services

With the benefits a GMB listing offers, your GMB profile must be well-managed and up-to-date. A GMB management service can do that for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Google’s algorithm will direct customers to local businesses within the service area. In addition, the top search results are those pages that have utilized SEO keywords to their advantage. Google My Business Optimization Services can do this for your business so that you have the edge over your other local competitors. Here’s how a GMB management service can help your business:

1. Manage Google Posts

Google Posts is another feature of GMB wherein business owners can engage with their customers. Besides your business website and social media platforms, this is also another venue to create engaging content for your business. A GMB specialist can manage these posts for you and place your posts strategically so that your brand always stands out. A GMB specialist can create fun and engaging content to generate more traffic to your business online and in a brick-and-mortar store.

2. Boost Visibility Through SEO

Clients looking to buy a coffee maker will most likely buy it from a store that has a strong online presence- an indicator for reliability for most customers. A GMB specialist can help boost your visibility through SEO optimization, resulting in better chances of your business turning up in search results. The local pack is the prime spot where you will want your business to be. With the proper SEO linking through keyword optimization, a GMB specialist can get your business to that coveted top three spot.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Building a relationship with your customers is key to building a long-term business relationship. Better customer relations means better business. Customers are more compelled to transact with a company that meets their needs and addresses their concerns. By employing Google My Business optimization services, a GMB expert can actively address your customer concerns. Besides providing feedback, a GMB expert can also furnish a FAQ sheet where customers can be provided with answers to common questions so that concerns are addressed, even before they are asked.

4. Keep You Ahead of the Competition

A GMB expert will actively monitor your GMB profile and eliminate any competitor spam that might affect traffic to your business. Some competitors may resort to keyword stuffing that will affect SEO results. A GMB expert can help you look out for these threats and nip them at the bud. With active monitoring and updating of your GMB page, a GMB expert can also look out for potential malicious activity, such as changing your office address or manipulating your office hours. Remember, anyone can change your information on GMB by clicking on “Suggest an Edit,” so it is best to look out for these activities on your GMB page. With a GMB expert at the helm, you won’t have to worry about these things. As you focus on growing your business, a GMB expert will take care of these issues for you.

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