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New Dog Toys Had Them Chasing Their Tails

How much do people love their pets? Enough to spend over $60 billion a year on them! Caitec, an established pet products company, was well-known as an industry leader in bird products including cages, toys and more. They had started manufacturing dog toys, but were struggling with solidifying their dog products under a new, differentiated brand. After trying a couple of names that didn’t quite bark up the right tree, Caitec turned to Fresh Creative to help.

The Fresh Creative team leaped at the opportunity to bring this new brand to life. We squeaked and fetched our way to a better understanding of the product line, target market and the competitive environment. These innovative dog toys were designed by the Caitec pet toy experts to fulfill a dog’s distinct yearnings and created for interaction, retrieving, rewards and individual play. The toys were rugged, strong and built for intense play for dogs and their people. After much bouncing ideas (and squeaky balls) around …a Hero was born!

Hero Brand Identity

The new Hero brand was built on the idea that every dog deserves a Hero. Hero toys were innovative, strong and built for fun – just what people wanted to give their dogs. And giving their pets Hero toys made them their pets’ heroes.

Once the Hero name was in place, the Fresh Creative team got to work on a simple, bold and fun brand identity. Our design team created a logo that incorporated the fun of play with bright colors and a leaping dog. Our copywriters developed the tagline “Innovations In Play” along with the supporting brand story. Hero was becoming more than a new name – it was a new way of looking at dog toys.

From product packaging to a responsive website design, Fresh Creative developed the new Hero brand’s in-store and online presence. Since its successful launch, the Hero dog toy brand has continued to grow with new products including a Made-In-The-USA line and the Retriever line of toys designed specifically for hunting and retrieving breeds.

It’s a great day when work can feel like play. The Fresh Creative team got to squeeze, squish and toss toys around all in the name of research. While we aren’t all pet people, the opportunity to bring this new product line to the market with a strong brand in place was a challenge we were excited to take. Looking for your own marketing hero? We’d love to tackle your biggest marketing challenges!

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